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Drift Squad...

Powerslide that corner...

Camber Crew
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Please read these simple rules...
This is an open community that relates to drifting...
1. Stay on topic, other forms of automobile racing is also welcome.
2. NO FLAME WARS!!! I do not need anyone bad mouthing anyone or their cars on this community...If you do so you will be banned.
3. No racist talk in here...

Just follow these simple rules and everyone will be alright.


行く皆いかにあるか井戸 これは新しい南フロリダの漂流の乗組員についての皆を更新するジャーナル... であるその呼ばれたCamber Crew...井戸今私達は新しいチーム・メンバーのための適用を... 取っている私に後部車輪ドライブ車を得るプロセスで前部車輪ドライブ車がおよびあることを考えると。 私はクラブの副大統領であるために多分誰かを任命する。 副大統領は私が... フラン車を得ることができるまで重要な決定をする 規則のAlot および乗組員のための規則はまだ少し曖昧であり、私は... できるだけ早く更新する

これはhttp:// によって後援されるMIRC の競争の派閥であるWWW 。flastreetracing 。com

How is it going everyone? This is a community is to update everyone about the new South Florida Drift Crew...its called Camber Crew...well right now we are taking applications for new team members...considering I have a front wheel drive car and in the process of obtaining a rear-wheel drive car. I will most likely appoint someone to be vice president of the club. The vice president will make the important decisions until I can obtain a FR vehicle... Alot of the rules and regulations for the crew are still a little fuzzy and I will update as soon as possible...

This is a faction of The Syndicate C.C. which is sponsored by http://www.flastreetracing.com

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information taken from...http://www.drifting.com

Drifting is a high-skill, high-powered motorsport that calls for drivers to control a 450hp car while it slides sideways at high speed through a marked course. It is similar to rally racing, but is done on a closed course and judged on execution and style rather than who finishes the course fastest. Drifting takes all the thrilling moments of traditional motorsports and packs it together into non-stop competition. The D1 Grand Prix takes the excitement one step further by being the only drifting competition that features aggressive side-by-side action as finalists burn up the course two-at-a-time often only inches apart.

Drifting pros finesse their cars into spectacular powerslides around a series of corners of a set course as powerful engines roar and the tires bellow smoke. The driver controls engine power, shifts gears and feathers the brake pedal, while at the same time spinning the steering wheel in a precise fashion from left to right linking corners with pinpoint accuracy. The driver is controlling and maneuvering the car beyond the limits of the tires' traction.